New engines

Stuart Marine are often tasked with engine installations for both brand new vessels and also boats requiring new engine installations. We are main dealers for Beta Marine and Mermaid Marine. We can also supply a full range of Volvo Penta engines.

The new Beta Marine engine featured in both these photographs was recently installed into one of the ferry launches serving the members of Holyhead Sailing Club.

Other engine makes and units along with a wide assortment of parts are also available through Stuart Marine.
The photographs here show a new Yanmar ready for installation in a sailing yacht stored at Holyhead Marina.
Service schedules from Stuart Marine are highly recommended to compliment the newly installed engines and ensure there continued safe and proper running.

Often engines appear to be placed in some relatively awkward positions for access etc.
All these situations can be overcome with a little thought and dedication. Speak to Stuart Marine to discuss any concerns you have whilst deliberating over that new engine.