Engine repairs

All manner of engine engine repairs are undertaken at Stuart Marine. With the many differing engines available on the market today, we set out to ensure that all work carried out is to the highest standard and via all the relevant manufacturers guidelines.

Repair to all makes and models from diesel engines, to petrol inboard and outboards are catered for at our workshop or on your vessel.

Recently a local boat had a problem recently with a small oil leak on it’s 6 cylinder Ford 120hp engine. Stuart Marine were tasked to remove the cylinder head for investigation and make good any faults.
Every indication suggested a basic head gasket failure, but faults like this can lead to greater and more catastrophic problems and always need addressing and investigating immediately.

Thus a simple gasket replacement is never the way to proceed. The head was removed, checked for straightness, valves and guides checked and replaced repaired were necessary.

The photograph on the right shows cleaning of the engine block, having had the cylinder head removed for inspection. All residual gasket etc requires removing before a new gasket can be situated.

With work being carried out, this was also an ideal time to remove the injectors and have them checked and adjusted if necessary to ensure optimum performance.

Following the routine check and service, the head was fitted back onto the main engine block.
Next was to build the remaining items back onto the valves and complete the installation. Time was then taken to check the valve clearances , to ensure they where as specified by the manufacturer.